Mountains of MAKKAH by Zain Bhaikha

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Mountains of MAKKAH by Zain Bhaikha

Post by pinkroz on Sat Mar 29, 2008 12:22 am

Album : Mountains of MAKKAH
Artist : Zain Bhaikha

Track Listings
1. Introduction
2. Mountains of Makkah
3. Heart of a Muslim
4. City of Medina
5. Forgive me when I whine (voice only)
6. Sabr and Shukr
7. Labbaik
8. O' Lord
9. Here I am
10. Shaitaan
11. The Journey
Bonus voice only tracks:
12. Mountains of Makkah
13. Heart of a Muslim
14. City of Medina
15. Sabr and Shukr
16. The Journey


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